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Our Classrooms

Preschooler posing in front of artwork

Tadpoles (2 year olds)

At Creative Center for Children we believe that young children learn most when they are having fun and are engaged in a variety of hands-on experiences.  Our Tadpole classroom is designed to provide many opportunities for exploration and discovery, while also creating a nurturing, loving environment to help our youngest learners transition to a school atmosphere.

A key goal of the Tadpole classroom is to help our little ones adjust to school by teaching the foundational skills of learning to play well with others, communicating ideas and emotions, toilet training and following basic directions. We also introduce basic school concepts, such as number recognition and counting, letter recognition, observation and description, and expressing ideas and creativity through art. Additionally, children will be presented with many opportunities to develop their large gross motor skills, through climbing, jumping, swinging, and riding tricycles, while also working on their fine motor skills, like the the development of the pincer grip, which will be used later for writing, painting, and many practical life skills.

Fireflies (3 year olds)

Having developed a strong foundation of basic skills in our Tadpole classroom, our Fireflies are now ready to explore further, ask more detailed questions and deal with more complex activities.  We aim to help our Fireflies develop a greater respect for themselves and others, a longer attention span and the ability to better label and express emotions.

Additionally, we introduce our Fireflies to more in-depth concepts, like patterning,  phonics, predicting and recording information, art history and culture, musical concepts and Kindergarten-readiness programs. Here, we begin our formal writing program, Learning Without Tears, which is a hands-on, developmentally appropriate and FUN  method for introducing letter writing skills.


Child doing relay race
Preschoolers running a bake sale

Wiseowls (4 year olds)

Our Wiseowl class is geared towards preparing our students for their next adventure - Kindergarten! Our curriculum ensures that our students will be more than ready for the next stop on their academic journey, all while having tons of fun.  We help our Wiseowls develop independence, empathy for others, and a  willingness to try new things.

Our Wiseowls continue learning through hands-on sensory activities, art, imaginary play and group activities, while also becoming comfortable with more formal curriculum programs.  Children in this age group will begin reading basic words, become familiar with addition and subtraction concepts and continue their handwriting skills in our writing program, Handwriting Without Tears. Here, we also introduce our formal science curriculum, Little Learners, where children learn through a variety of engaging, hands-on activities and experiments.

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